Welcome to Pacific Rim

October 16, 2022 —

The magic number is down to 5

We finished the work on the second edition
And for 500 pre-orders we went a’fishin’
But east front games are not on some folks docket….
Well, the Russians attack
And the Germans fight back
Of reserves on both sides there’s often a lack
In a cold and and in a lonely Korsun Pocket….

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Since 1987, Pacific Rim Publishing has been dedicated to the production of conflict simulations — we are going through a move and that is disruptive — bear with us.

Korsun Pocket 2 is at press waiting for pre-orders to reach 500 — we are 11 orders short — you can pre-order now by emailing http://orders@justplain.com — tell us the number of copies you wish.

When we get the 500 pre-orders, you will get an email with the pre-order coupon to use when you come back here anyplace your order — this will get you the 25% pre-publication discount — and we pay the shipping in the US.
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