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April 7, 2024 

Work has begun on ACROSS THE PACIFIC 2.0 — this will include errata counters for the first edition plus counters needed to add two further game turns to reflect Operation Olympic and Operation Cornet. There will also be a new scenario reflecting the Japanese operational plan from 1934. We are shooting to have this ready for ConsimWorld.

Peter P Perla — long-time wargame designer and military analyst — passed away. His last design was Spearhead Games's BLOODIEST DAY: The Battle of Antietam — I have located a few mint copies of this and will be offering them at a special price to those of you who wish one. There are only a few so watch here for details.

Following the success of POCKET GENERAL: World War II, the second title — POCKET MAD SCIENTIST — is in development.

— Jeff Tibbetts

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Across The Pacific

Across The Pacific 2.0

development has begun on second edition rules for Across The Pacific — the upgrade will include new counters for a scenario covering Operation Cornet and Operation Olympic — another new scenario will deal with Yamamoto's 1934 Plan. Details as we progress.