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May 18, 2017

Since 1987, Pacific Rim Publishing has been dedicated to the production of conflict simulations.





Hans von Stockhausen's WELLINGTON'S WAR — this block-style wargame covers the Napoleonic Wars in Spain, 1808-1814. Contains one 36 by 48 inch map [with 2-inch hexes to accommodate large stacks of blocks], 108 1-inch blocks plus labels, 32-page rules booklet, two 30-card decks [one to control game actions, one to create effects of historic events], 96 5/8-inch die-cut markers, player aid card, five dice, boxed — $90.00.



KORSUN POCKET Update. The revised game has entered development. With simplified supply mechanics and an Order of Battle sharpened by the open access to Soviet military archives, this up-dated version of one of trhe original 'monster' games is shaping up to be as dynamic and tense as the historic battle. Work continues with the revision of Korsun Pocket — the three major changeds are the simplification of the supply rules, the addition of hex numbers to the four maps, and the creation of Order of Battle / Order of Arrival charts that take the previously written lists of units and display them as unit counters from the game.


While we do not yet have a price for Korsun Pocket, we are giving consideration to making a not-boxed version available outside of the USA for those who do not need the box and the dice. This would still be expen$ive to send through the mails as it would weigh something over 1.5 kilograms, but would pass customs as Printed Matter rather than as A Game.


We welcome your comments.


One of you has suggested that KORSUN POCKET be made avaliable in a 'Print-aNd-Play' version — this game has 2400 counters, 21 square feet of playing map, 12 square feet of charts, and 72 pages of rules, scenarios, historical commentary, and Designer's Notes — not the PNP model.


Pacific Rim Publishing has reached an agreement with Bard Games of Aptos, California and will be publishing Bard Games' POCKET GENERAL game series.


The first game in the Series — POCKET GENERAL World War Two — will be demonstrated at Consimworld Expo in Tempe, Arizona, May 28 through June 3, 2017.


POCKET GENERAL games have simple mechanics, that present various conflicts in an abstract, yet historically-accurate, format. Designed to play to completion in 30 minutes or less, POCKET GENERAL games can be played while having a solid IPA or while waiting for your opponents to finish their turn of the monster game on the Big Table.




Remember: this is Pacific Rim Pubishing, we pay the postage on  game orders to anywhere in the USA

 Orders shipped to addresses outside the USA / APO / FPO / DPO have the following shipping costs:

Wellington's War — Canada $20.00  / Elsewhere $40.00

Across The Pacific — Canada $15.00/ Elsewhere $25.00

Chosin — Canada $10.00 /  Elsewhere $15.00

Iron Tide — boxed — Canada $15.00 / Elsewhere $20.00

Iron Tide — ziplock — Canada $5.00 / Elsewhere $12.50

Wellington's War — Canada $20.00  / Elsewhere $40.00

Any Justplain or CounterAttack wargame — Canada $2.50  / Elsewhere $7.50

Justplain Counters .625 inch — Canada $5.00  / Elsewhere $10.00

Justplain Counters .500 inch — Canada $4.00 / Elsewhere $8.00

Bastogne or Bust —  Canada  $10.00 /  Elsewhere $15.00

Legend Begins — Canada $10.00 / Elsewhere $15.00

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    Other Work In Progress —

    John Hill & Todd Davis's SHILOH DAWN



    Rick McKown's GLOSTER HILL

    Ray Weiss's We Were Not Cowards: Sedan 1870 & The Fall of the Second Empire