The stalemate of trench warfare had continued on the Western Front for over 30 months. Casualties were in the millions. Germany was preparing to knock a weakening Russia out of the war. In the Spring of 1917, the British Army agreed to support a French offensive to break through the German from on the Aisle. Over one million troops prepared for General Neville’s death blow to the Huns with the Imperial forces serving to anchor the poilu’s left flank by attacking the German trenches on Vimy Ridge.


Imperial units are infantry battalions; tank, machine-gun, and mortar companies. The Imperial player must set trench line targets carefully in order to move closely behind set-piece barrages, but not expose troops to enemy fire. Germany units are infantry, machine-gun, and mortar companies. The Germans must defend in depth, reinforcing weakened positions, raking oncoming battalions with machine-guns and mortars while dodging the creeping artillery barrage. Movement is reduced by artillery’s plowing up the landscape. Combat can be ranged fire or hand-to-hand — in the open, in trenches, or even in underground tunnels.


When the fighting was over on Vimy Ridge, Imperial casualties in this outstanding and innovative across-trench victory were less than half those suffered in failing to take the same ground the year before, but French casualties were more than five times the anticipated number, bringing the French Army to the point of military collapse. Can you, as the Canadians, fight through to the green fields beyond? — or, as the German, can you defend in depth with mobile response to thousands of bayonet-armed attackers just behind the crushing barrage?

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