DESERT STORM: The Unfinished Victory

In August 1990, the Iraqi Army, rebuilt after years of disasterous battles against Iran, occupied militarily-powerless Kuwait and reasserted Iraq's claim to that break-away patch of desert that controls a significant amount of the world's oil supply.

In January 1991, a military coalition led by the United States, launched an intense air campaign against Iraq and its army of occupation. Saddam Hussein ordered retaliatory SCUD missile attacks against Israel and Saudi Arabia. When the assault came, well-armed, well-prepared Coalition ground forces broke through the Iraqi Army in a matter of hours with a right feint and a powerful left hook — in some cases literally bulldozing their way over the enemy forces.

 Using a mixture of military and political interaction, players refught the most violent international conflict in the previous 48 years. The Iraqi player must use SCUD missiles and the variable power of his largely conscript army against the Coalition's might.The Coalition player must weigh the political costs of casualties against the dollar cost of the war while keeping an eye on the balance of World opinion.

The opposing sides will strive to change History. According to Desert Storm, The Coalition may have lost the First Gulf War. If that's news to you, ask yourself this: How much pre-war territory did Iraq lose?— and why did we have to go back?

Desert Storm: The Unfinished Victory contains:

  • one 17 by 22-inch map
  • 140 die-cut backprinted counters
  • 12-page rule booklet
  • Manufacturer: Pacific Rim Publishing
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: JPW-016
  • Condition: New

DESERT STORM: The Unfinished Victory

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