Bastogne or Bust!, 2nd Edition
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The Battle of the Bulge in extensive operational detail; 2 edition published by Terran Games with extensive order of battle research. Innovative game mechanics simulate the fluid nature of mechanized combat and allows the possible use of off-map movement for hidden operational/strategic maneuvering.


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Bastogne or Bust contains:

one 22 by 34 inch map of the Ardennes Forest area;

600 die-cut 1/2 inch backprinted counters;

12-page rules booklet;

two 8-1/23 by 14 inch order of basttle/order of arrival cards — one Allied, one German

three 8-1/23 inch by 11 inch player aid cards

two 6-sided dice.

shipping weight is one pound.


  • Manufacturer: Terran Games
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: TER-001
  • Condition: New

Bastogne or Bust!, 2nd Edition

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